Inauguration conference of Health Action Project



Opening conference of project: “Health promotion through the implementation of preventive programmes, including screening tests and diagnostics as well as educational health-oriented actions, in order to decrease morbidity and mortality from lung and bronchial cancer in the Proszowice Poviat.” was held on 26 February.  The Starost of Proszowice Poviat Mr Grzegorz Pióro opened the conference, welcomed all invited guests and presented the main points of the project.

Conference participants were shown presentations introducing medical issues and healthy life-style promotion, which were prepared by project coordinators.

The project logo was also presented.


Video reports show:

Proszowice Poviat Starost: Mr Grzegorz Pióro welcoming guests


Project coordinator: Mr Piotr Jasion presenting the project assumptions and health – care prophylaxis outlined by dr Wojciech Skucha, PhD




Health Promotion Specialist: Mr Łukasz Szaporów presenting sporting actions




The following eminent guests were present at our conference:

  • Mr Wojciech Kozak – Vice Marshal of Lesser Poland Local Parliament
  • Mayors from Proszowice Poviat
  • Chairmen of district and local Council Boards
  • Councillors
  • Roman-Catholic Church parish- priests from Proszowice Poviat
  • Heads of Health Centres from Brzesko Okocim and Proszowice
  • Doctors
  • Nurses and medical workers
  • Heads of primary and secondary schools of the region
  • Heads of institutions cooperating with Poviat