The Starost Cup District Table Tennis Contest


Table Tennis Contest was held in Town Sports Hall in Proszowice as a part of “Health promotion through the implementation of preventive programmes, including screening tests and diagnostics as well as educational health-oriented actions, in order to decrease morbidity and mortality from lung and bronchial cancer in the Proszowice Poviat.” project. The tournament lasted two days and was divided into the following categories:

20 March 2015

  • Girls and boys from lower secondary schools
  • Girls and boys from  secondary schools


       22 March 2015

  • Women and Men -  open category

Cup system was employed  - two lost matches  in the tournament eliminated the player. The aim of the event was to popularize table tennis, promotion of healthy life style and active way of spending leisure time, finally it was also to integrate citizens of Proszowice District.

Each contestant was  given  a Passport of  “Health Action”  Participant.

Mr Rafał Utylski  - the invited expert and coach–- gave some advice and guidelines on how to play table tennis. He also gave a show of his skills to the audience.


Final results are presented below:


Girls from lower secondary schools:

  1. Rojek Sandra - Gimnazjum Proszowice
  2. Bakowska Magdalena - Gimnazjum Koszyce
  3. Botko Mariola  - Gimnazjum Klimontów


Boys from lower secondary schools

  1. Chlebek Kacper - Gimnazjum Koszyce
  2. Sikora Łukasz - Gimnazjum Pałecznica
  3. Sodo Marcin - Gimnazjum Pałecznica


Girls from secondary schools:

  1. Podstawa Klaudia - Zespół Szkół Proszowice
  2. Kubik Małgorzata - Zespół Szkół Piotrkowice Małe
  3. Wender Anna - Zespół Szkół Proszowice


Boys form secondary schools:

  1. Kwiecień Mateusz - Zespół Szkół Piotrkowice Małe
  2. Bartosik Karol - Zespół Szkół Piotrkowice Małe
  3. Data Adrian - Nowe Brzesko



Women - open category:

  1. Nowak Klaudia - Żębocin
  2. Kubik Małgorzata - Węckowice
  3. Krosta Justyna - Kowala


Men - open category:

  1. Rojek Mateusz - Nowe Brzesko
  2. Ząbek Stanisław - Kowary
  3. Oracz Mariusz - Przemyków


The special statue was presented to the senior participant – Mr Tomasz Sasiński – the eldest contestant of District Table Tennis Contest.

The meeting was a great success gathering massive audience and giving the participants a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.