The Family Picnic – Tug-of war game with lung cancer – how to win?


Several hundred citizens of Proszowice District took part in The Family Picnic, another event under EEA Akcja Zdrowie project,  held on Sunday afternoon 21 June 2015 in The Sport and Rehabilitation Centre in Proszowice. Even  unpredictable weather with passing showers did not put the contestants off who came here to participate in individual and team sport events prepared by the organisers.

Shot put and barbell press were most popular among men while women preferred hula hop. There were also less professional but equally interesting events like soft weight stone throw in pairs, obstacle race and sack race. Younger participants were trying to follow Radwańska’s footsteps and took part in Tennis Tournament . The most exciting was the family tug-of war game which was applauded heavily however there were many more opportunities to participate in sporting competitions.

For the youngest there were attractions like the bouncy castle, slide and darts,  and the trampoline gave the bravest ones way to do acrobatic figures in the air.

All participants who registered in the event office, received free meal, drinks and barbecue sausage. The day finished off with presenting diplomas to the best contestants and the lottery for all participants – all together 80 awards were distributed among those who arrived , mainly the sport equipment.
Although the atmosphere was joyful and careless, the organisers of The Family Picnic did not forget the overhead aim of the EEA Akcja Zdrowie project which is implemented thanks to Norway Grants and EEA funds by the Proszowice Poviat Starost. The project aims at diminishing the social inequalities in welfare and well-being through promoting health and healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately these inequalities are substantial in Proszowice District if we analyse statistics of mortality and morbidity caused by lung and bronchial cancer.

The above mentioned issues were covered by official representatives of the project: Poviat Starost -  Mr Grzegorz Pióro, Poviat Board Member – Mr Jacek Tomasik and Project  Medical Coordinator – doctor Wojciech Skucha who is primarily the Head of Pulmonary Diseases Department in Proszowice District Hospital. Staff of the project also distributed leaflets informing about the project and encouraging to take part in the events to come such as bike rides, public street running and many others.

The vital part of the project concentrates on diagnosis and screening tests programme, which has already started, and which is aimed at target group estimated on basis of questionnaires research – people who are at risk of lung and bronchial cancer morbidity. Medical educators meet with citizens of Proszowice District informing them about threats caused by tobacco smoking,  inadequate use of pesticides,  poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle.

The project will last till spring of 2015.

Please find attached photos and video report from The Family Picnic.