Get to the seaside by


If you don’t have an idea how to spend the weekend why don’t you get to the seaside by bike? It is only 607 km to go so it not a problem – or is it? For eight brave men it was not – they covered the distance in only two days. They set off on Saturday morning and after 320 km they got to Płońsk, where they stayed overnight.

Sunday morning they set off again to cover the remaining 280 km and in the evening they got to Stegna where they could admire the beautiful Polish sea. In total they rode 22 hours with the mean speed of 27 km/h.

One of the participants, dr Wojciech Skucha who is the Head of Pulmonary Diseases Department in Proszowice District Hospital relates: “We took a break of half an hour or an hour after each 100 km we covered. We picked such a route so as to not to enter big cities and the only exceptions were Opoczno and Malbork.”

Dr Skucha was the oldest member of the group of cyclists however he claims that he had no problems on the way, but he owes it to previous training which was crucial. “I trained five times a week, three times a week I covered the distance of 40 km and twice a week a distance of 100 km”, he says.

The other team members had a similar training and each of them has covered so far a few thousands km on the bike. As we can see, although they are amateurs, what they do it not amateurish at all. A similar effort potentially can damage your health if you are not well prepared but this team did their best and got to the final point sound and safe.

One may ask: “Why did they do it?”  Dr Skucha replies: “First of all to show myself that I can do it. Moreover it was a great adventure which will probably never happen to me again”.  This event was not only for the sake of doing it but also to promote the project “EEA Akcja Zdrowie” which is being implemented in our district and which is the coordinated by dr Skucha himself.


Source: Dziennik Polski