Proszowice District Bike Slam


On Sunday morning -26 July 2015-  passers-by  could see a long, divided into several age groups Bike Slam going along Proszowice streets. The event was organised as a part of EEA Akcja Zdrowie project. The bikers were supposed to cover the distance from Proszowice to Nowe Brzesko via Koszyce and back.

Proszowice Strarost – Mr Grzegorz Pióro opened the meeting in The Sport and Rehabilitation Centre in Proszowice and the group started their bike ride just before 11 o’clock. All the Slam members were wearing high visibility vests with the project logo and they were divided into groups, each of which was led by sport animators of the project EEA Akcja Zdrowie, escorted by technical cars, an ambulance and fire brigade vehicle.  In Koszyce Education Centre the riders could rest for two hours, have a barbecue together, there was also ice-cream treat for everyone. Most of the participants were not too tired after the first part of the ride and they readily played a football match in the break. Others played basketball and volleyball. At about 2 pm The Bike Slam continued and there was the most demanding part of the ride.

The wind was blowing against the riders and there were several hills do climb, still the whole group reached Nowe Brzesko without major problems. There, project coordinators – dr Wojciech Skucha and Łukasz Szaporów presented the project implementation – its aims and targets to both Bike Slam participants and citizens of Nowe Brzesko who gathered in great numbers. 

The way back to Proszowice, although 15 km in length , was covered smoothly and without any problems and all the participants came back to Proszowice in excellent moods.

In about a month, on 23 August there will be another possibility to take part in a sporting event of a similar kind under EEA Akacja Zdrowie. This time we will go to Pałecznica. We do hope that even more people will take part in it – welcome!!!


Please find attached photos and video report from the trip.